gainIQ Prevent is a continuous monitoring software that identifies and prevents payment errors in real time. An internal financial control, gainIQ Prevent automatically delivers highly-targeted results that enable your staff to identify errors and irregularities before payment is made.

Revenew handles the technical work needed to set up gainIQ Prevent. Once you’ve provided the payment and vendor files from your payment system, we’ll do the rest to get your system integrated – quickly and seamlessly

Our proactive enterprise software system, results in faster recoveries, stronger internal financial controls, and improved vendor relations.

Prevent Errors

Our web-based monitoring platform is effective for many types of payment errors, such as duplicate payments. It automatically extracts and analyzes pending and historical payments on a continuous basis, pinpoints possible overpayments, and presents those results to your internal staff. It can be used to evaluate procurement card and T&E transactions as well. gainIQ Prevent comes with a robust claim management and tracking system to ensure timely corrections are made.

Improve Processes

gainIQ Prevent also tracks the reasons why payment errors occur, helping to identify and understand their root causes. Our simple, intuitive dashboard allows you to view issue status and detailed metrics on the number and types of errors identified, along with reports to track results over time.

Monitor Vendor Files

Maintaining a clean, validated master vendor file can be difficult and time consuming. gainIQ Prevent includes a real-time vendor monitoring module that will catch and correct vendor record inconsistencies, mitigating enterprise risk and keeping your vendor master file under control for the long term.

Learn more about how our gainIQ Prevent software will transform your payables function.


We also offer a customized gainIQ Prevent module for retail and grocery businesses, to manage claims and return lost capital – fast!

gainIQ Prevent targets a full range of payment errors common in the retail and grocery industries, including duplicate payments, pricing errors, missed promotional allowances, and missed rebates. Learn more about our gainIQ Prevent software for retail and grocery businesses.

gain-iq prevent
Identifies wide range of payment errors in-house
Enables staff to fix issues before payment is run
Automatic consideration of overlapping tests
Specialized filters to remove false-positive results
Intuitive dashboard for viewing issue status and metrics
Root cause analysis to foster staff training and stronger internal controls