Revenew’s Sales Tax Recovery services focus on recovering overpaid state and local sales tax, fuel tax, property tax, and other fees – and returning those dollars to your bottom line. We’ve served over 150 clients nationwide to recover tens of millions of dollars in refunds, and we’re proud to say that we’ve identified an eligible refund for every one of our clients.

Sales tax codes are complex and constantly changing – a challenge for any in-house staff. By concentrating on this one area of tax recovery, we’re able to stay current on updates to state laws and provide significant tax savings to our clients.

We have successfully secured a tax refund for every one of our clients.

Our team includes CPAs and executives who have worked as auditors for state tax commissions. They understand the processes involved and work behind the scenes to get the job done. Minimal time and resources are required from our clients as Revenew performs all tasks related to our services.

Low-Risk and Self-Funded

We follow state tax laws very closely, so clients aren’t exposed to any additional risk. Should one of our clients ever be audited as a result of our work, Revenew will be there to represent and defend them through that process.

Our Sales Tax Recovery is performed on a contingency basis and requires no budgeting. We are paid a percentage of the actual amounts recovered and don’t charge for our services until you’ve received your refund.

Our Process

  1. Analyze Data We convert clients’ extracted raw data for our analysts to review and identify refund opportunities. Initial focus is on the top spending categories we’ve found to be consistently taxed unnecessarily.
  2. Substantiate Claims Field staff gathers the needed documentation to validate and substantiate refund claims. All savings are calculated at the invoice level, ensuring that the cost reduction is accurate and complete.
  3. Educate Staff We train and educate clients’ employees and suppliers on the appropriate taxability of the transactions we’ve identified for refunds, and make recommendations for mitigating actions which will maximize future tax savings.
  4. Deliver Refund All findings and claims are presented to our clients for final approval before submission to the State Tax Commission. A member of our team works with the taxing authorities until a claim is granted and the refund paid.
Learn how we recovered over $1.5 million for one of our manufacturing clients.


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